• RETROFIT Adhesive backed film that can be applied to existing glass areas
  • Transformers with Remote control or Third Party Smart Home Wifi Control via Smartphone
  • Non Adhesive Laminate Film for Smart Glass manufacture
  • DIY - Custom Made to Measure & Supplied ready to Install RETROFIT Adhesive backed film
  • Switchable Smart Glass - Laminated 10 - 14mm thick / Double Glazed or Blackout

Retrofit Adhesive Backed Film

Easily retrofit the adesive backed switchable film onto existing glass partitions, meeting rooms or offices. Film available in 2 widths - 1.2m & 1.5m and length as required.

Remote Control or Wifi Control with Third partyApp 

You can control different areas of your installation by remote or opt for a dimming transformer to control transparency.

Non Adhesive Film

This option is for anyone wanting to laminate film between glass. Purchase the film in 3 widths 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.8m by 5m lengths

DIY - Made to Measure

If you are a keen DIY person then just order the size you need and we will send you the pre-wired film with instuctions on how to install. Simple stick, wire up and play.

Fully Transparent Mode

Film installed with controller that has several options of Privacy and light management.

Blinds Mode

With a simple press of a button you can set your film to blinds mode thus enabling some privacy while still allowing light into your area.

Partial Privacy Mode

More options available to clients on Film Privacy setting. Graphics and Company Logos can also be incorporated into the film.

Retro Fit Adhesive Film - Most Cost Effective Solution on the Market

In the Office: Smart Film Turned ON

Smart Film Turned OFF

At Home : Smart Glass or Film Turned ON

Smart Glass or Film Turned OFF

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